James Nicholls on the AGBO

A quick three minute trip around stage 10 of Weston Park at the weekend with James Nicholls and Grace Lees. When viewing remember:

1. Turn up the volume…

2. The digital speedometer is accurate, but there is a slight delay due to it being a GPS Speedo..

3.. Our intrepid duo were 5th fastest on the stage, and managed 8th overall as a final result…

4.. Those damn chicanes really impede the flow of the stage.. But that ‘s rallying in 2019!

Finally.. Watch out for the 90mph excursion onto the grass on their way down to the courtyard!…

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As you may be aware, we have moved to our new headquarters at CALDERFIELDS GOLF CLUB, ALDRIDGE ROAD, WALSALL, WS4 2JS. I have had permission for us to display some of our cars outside the clubhouse on the beer garden lawn on sunday 14th of april to promote our club to the members of the golf club and sunday lunch visitors. I think we could get between 12 and 15 cars on the lawn comfortably. If you are interested in displaying your classic or competition car for a day, please contact Derrick Wallbank or Martin Parkes our Classic Car section officer as soon as possible. I believe they do a sunday carvery lunch, so if you wish to book a table for lunch, it would be advisable to book directly with Calderfields as it gets very busy. We look forward to meeting new and old members at our new headquarters at this meet, and you are welcome to come for a chat any Wednesday night from 9pm.

Derrick Wallbank, Social Officer.

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