Owen Motoring Club “Jaspers Bakeries” AGBO Rallies Team. All departments played an absolute blinder, we as a club were on a knife edge not knowing whether this was going to happen, five months work and right up to the very last minutes of set up on Friday night we were unsure. Cancellation could have grounded the club financially for a long time. Luckily both days ran, we thank all competitors for sticking with us, no one pulled entries for the reasons we thought relevant at the moment. A difficult two days to organise this year, then the weather & park conditions were not going with us. A special mention to all set up personnel, exceptional stage set up in all areas. Additional damage to the park is a problem this year caused by weather conditions and incidents, and some trailers being loaded / un loaded in a no go area, causing severe damage to plastic recently laid in the grass by Weston Park out side the trailer parking area. This is going to cause a very expensive nightmare. BUT, with all that is going on around us at the moment every one seemed to enjoy both days, we have received many great comments for both rallies. Looks like rally de brief could be a long time coming with what we all have to face during the next few months. Competitors, thank you all for your very valued support, OMC rally team you are all amazing. To all the marshals & radio teams that did join us over the week end, we thank you all. Finally we have to thank Mark Jasper, proprietor of Jasper’s Bakeries for his amazing support of our events, we hope to see you all again next year, that is if they let us out by then !!!!
Anton Bird, Club Chairman.

Jasper’s Bakeries AGBO Rally Weekend