Below are proposed competition events for 2021 if and when GOVERNMENT and MOTORSPORTUK lift restrictions for COVID19 to allow events with large gatherings to commence. COVID19 rules will be applied until further notice.

The Happy Landings Grass Autosolo, at Manorial Farm, Sunday 2nd May.

The Graham Hill Sprint, Curborough Championship Round, at Curborough Sprint Course, Sunday 20th June.

AGBO RALLY, Weston Park, Sunday 26th September.

The Brightsparks Autosolo, at Curborough Sprint Course, 17th October.

Slithering Santa Autosolo, at Curborough Sprint Course, 27th December.

Regulations and Entry Forms are not available yet, will be posted on our website and Facebook page as soon as possible so please keep looking.

We look forward to seeing you all again when possible.

Posted by Derrick Wallbank 07/02/2021.