AGBO Stages Rally

Spectator Information

Regrettably we have had to take the decision this year to exclude spectators from the service area for the duration of the event. Historically the small service area for a 75 car entry has been extremely overcrowded especially in the afternoons. So, for health & safety reasons this area us closed to the public and spectators
Spectator access to the event in Weston Park will be via Blymhill Gate only on the A5, ample parking will be available from 7.00am.

Entry tickets are available on line from the Weston Park website at or here SPECTATOR TICKETS
Spectating will be restricted to the two viewing areas shown on the viewing area map, there will be no access to the service area from the viewing zones.
Also, access to stage viewing areas from the service area location will be closed off.

No spectator access or parking will be available at the Park Main Gates (Shrewsbury Gate) this year. This Entrance / Exit is for competitors & service personnel only. An event time control will be situated in this area for most of the day, another reason we must keep this area clear.

It is acceptable to bring your dogs along should you wish; we just ask that they are kept on leads at all times in all areas. We are instructed by Weston Park Management & Motorsport UK to advise that the use of “Drones” by the spectating public for any photographic or filming purposes is NOT allowed anywhere within the grounds of the Weston Park estate.

Owen Motoring Club wish you all a very entertaining day.

2022 AGBO Stages Rally Committee

Spectator Entrance and Parking


• We have tried to ensure that you will be able to reach your chosen viewing areas without walking on the Special Stage. If you decide to leave the event prior to the last competitor, PLEASE ensure that you walk behind the fenced areas and not on the competitive stages. All the competitors will be travelling at high speeds and spectators are strongly advised NOT to walk on any part of the rally route.
• All spectators are reminded that motorsport can be dangerous and despite taking all reasonable precautions, unavoidable accidents can happen. In respect of these, you are present at your own risk.
• We ask that you obey all instructions of safety marshals, event staff, security officers in relation to your safety and that of others.
• Marshals will warn of approaching cars by use of a whistle, please take this as a final signal to ensure stood in a safe place and concentrating on the action.
• Please make sure you dress suitably for the prevailing weather and stout footwear is strongly recommended.
• Children and infants should ALWAYS be accompanied by an adequate amount of adults at all times who are responsible for their behaviour and safety.
• Beware of flying stones and uneven or slippery surfaces.
• Stay behind the fencing at all times, do not wander past where the fencing ends as that is deemed a prohibited area to spectators.
• Do not stand in the straight on position of approaching vehicles, you will be asked to move.
• Respect all signage and crowd barriers, do not encroach or sit on the barriers at any point, prohibited area mean prohibited area.
• Please be considerate to other spectators to ensure everyone can enjoy the event.
• Listen to the marshals and event staff – they are there to help you ensure the smooth running of the event which runs within the safety guidelines prescribed by MSUK, the governing body of UK Motor Sport.
• If you do not abide by the instructions of the marshals or event officials, the stage will be stopped or cancelled.
• Marshals, event staff and security officers have the right to work without being abused or threatened.
• Please use the litter bins provided for your rubbish or take it home.
• Consider your own safety and that of others at all times.

Approximate Stage Start Times

SS1… 8.22am

SS2… 9.13am

SS3… 10.14am

SS4… 11.05am

SS5… 12.01pm

SS6… 12.52pm

SS7… 13.54pm

SS8… 14.41pm

SS9… 15.30pm

SS10… 16.15pm