Bright Sparks AutoSOLO 2019

20th October 2019 – Curborough Sprint Course

Permit number 110226

The supplementary regulations for this year’s Bright Sparks AutoSOLO can be seen and downloaded below. There is an entry form with them.

This year there will be, subject to weather etc, two tests in the morning each run three times and in the afternoon another two tests each run three times. This time they are the morning tests run in the opposite direction.

Your worst run out of the three runs on each test will be ignored.

Entries have now closed, s, the online entry form has been removed

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Ernest Owen Car Trial- 22nd September 2019

Please find attached the regulations and entry form for the 2019 Ernest Owen Memorial Car Trial, a round of the Motorsport UK British Car Trials and BTRDA championships. Once again held at the fabulous Catton Park site we aim to make the event challenging but non-damaging and for 2019 will also be running a dual Clubman’s permit alongside the championship National B to try and open the event up to as many competitors as possible. A reminder that double driving of cars is permitted and that passengers are optional.

Not sure what car trials are all about? Have a read of the guidance on then come and give it a go!

We look forward to welcoming both new and returning competitors to Catton Park on the 22nd September.

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Graham Hill Trophy Sprint 2019 – Results

Thank you to all the competitors who entered and took part in the Graham Hill Trophy Sprint on 9th June 2019. We are sure that you would like to thank all the volunteers, without whom we could not put on this event.

We were very lucky with the weather in that those few sports of rain just faded away and we had a great dry afternoon.

The results for the timed runs can be downloaded from below.

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Owen Motoring Club – Rally History

Now published and for sale, “Owen Motoring Club Rally History. A culmination of six years research to dig out the history of many of the rallies organised by Owen Motoring Club. Due to some known events having no history available, this publication is not a results bible. Events covered from 1960 through to the years at Weston Park. The focus being on the club’s road rallies including all ten Motoring News events. Seventy five pages of history plus many pictures in black and white and in colour, some of which are believed to be never published before. Written as a tribute by Anton Bird, a club member since 1975, for Owen Motoring Club`s 60th anniversary year. The club formerly known as “The Owen Organisation Motoring Club”, OOMC, was formed in December 1959 by “Rubery Owen & Co.” employees.

Copies of the book are available through the author at £12.50 per copy. Payment by cash or cheque payable to Owen Motoring Club Ltd. 

Postage Rates:    

First Class £2.00

Second Class £1.75

Overseas rates please contact.

To order your copy please contact Anton Bird by email,

As a result of the research that went into this project the club now have a Rallies Archive, which is kept by the author of this publication. Donations of any Owen Motoring Club rally information or documents of any description for inclusion would be appreciated.  

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What a great day!

Following the decision by Catton Park in not allowing us to use their fields, Bill Rushton was approached, and he kindly offered the use of three fields. I was a little apprehensive as two of the fields had previously been used for crops, but he used a roller and put down grass seed.  The result was amazing in that the surfaces were relatively smooth. In the end I decided to use the two large adjacent fields. We are deeply indebted to Bill for his kind assistance and the HL was re-born. Would you believe that it was once a landfill site.

A fair amount of rain fell in the days prior to the event and it took me three days to set up the courses in between the heavy showers. Nevertheless, the fields were still driveable and, on the Saturday Bill, used his grass cutter to mark the courses. This made a big difference in that it was easy to see where to go, thus virtually eliminating wrong tests.

Thank goodness the weather was fine on the day and with such a scenic backdrop we couldn’t wait to get started.

Still only 26 entries though which was disappointing considering the event’s reputation and the attraction of a new venue. I am a little bemused by this, but it seems that people still prefer to go to Curborough, which, to me, is becoming rather boring. Perhaps competitors think that they might damage their cars? A bit of mud and grass yes, but not damaging. Perhaps again we did not publicise the event enough. I don’t know. Any suggestions?

Good to see the eventual winner Grant Victory in a Saxo, Nick Pollitt (Suzuki Swift), Phil Lawson (Peugeot 205), Paul Gough (Micra), Ashley Pearce (Micra), Garry Preston (Talbot Samba) and Tom Bishop (Micra) along with other regulars. Sam Williams was going to bring along his Subaru, but the clutch expired on the way to the event. Having taken the stricken car back home, he arrived just in time to share Nick’s car.

Great to see some youngsters having a go, and three ladies including Katherine Gough, Abby Hammond and Megan Burton.

The great thing about Production Car Autotests is that almost any vehicle can take part. It is aimed at the clubman on a limited budget. A fun day out with nothing to hit except the odd cone.

The cars were split into two groups at each field and 3 attempts applied on each test

The top test was designed for drivers to use skill in negotiating the turns and loops. The bottom test was faster resembling a “rally stage”. As usual arrows were fixed on stakes pointing to the entries into gates. This was to make it simpler to follow the correct course.

During the morning session the only memorable mishap occurred when Chris Valentine stopped in the superb Imp as his wheel nuts had worked loose. He ended up with a maximum time, but this was no problem as we allow the worst time on each of the three tests to be dropped. I am a firm believer in allowing the worst timed test to be dropped otherwise it can make the driver dispirited and not enjoy the rest of the day.

At the lunchtime halt Grant Victory lead on 361 secs just two seconds ahead of Nick Pollitt who in turn was just two seconds in front of Sam Williams. It was all very close.

As anticipated, some of the corners were becoming cut up and so I decided to move slightly some of the “gates”. This will probably be the norm in future years as the ground will remain loose underneath until the grass has become established. The tests were run in reverse in the afternoon.

The weather remained fine and faster times were obtainable as the day progressed. The large courses meant that times were around the one-and-a-half-minute mark on both tests. 

As the afternoon progressed Grant Victory increased his lead but there was a great battle between Nick and Sam with plenty of “egging on” by yours truly. Previous winner Tom Bishop unusually hit a few cones, perhaps trying too hard, otherwise he would have finished second overall.

Everybody enjoyed the event with smiles all around.

The top five final placings were: –

  1. Grant Victory          Saxo            697 – FTD
  2. Nick Pollitt              Suzuki         704 – Best Owen
  3. Sam Williams         Suzuki         707 – 1st Class A                                      
  4. Chris Valentine       Imp              716 
  5. Tom Bishop            Micra           723           

Giles Gregory – 2nd Class A – 727

Chris Burton  – 1st Novice

 Megan Burton – 1st Junior

 Katherine Gough – 1st Lady  

May I take this opportunity of thanking Chief Marshal Linda Vaughan and the wonderful team, Elaine & Martin, Barri, Melvyn, Mick and Bill. Without these people there would have been no event.

Special thanks to Steve Pearce (Scrutineer), Simon Whittick for looking after the initial secretarial duties and Clare on the day. As usual, Dave Allitt proficiently looked after results and to Anton as Club Steward.

It was great to see lots of smiles on faces. It makes the hard work and effort worth it.

More of the same next year with, hopefully, a few more entries.

Bob Cotterell – Clerk of the Course

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Graham Hill Trophy Sprint 2019, Regs and on-line entry

9th June 2019 at Curborough Sprint Course

Entry is now FULL and entries are closed.

As of today, 15th May 2019, we have a full entry list. Entries are now closed, 19th May 2019, as we have seven entries on the reserve list.

An up to date entry list of all confirmed entries will be posted over the next few days. These can be found here —> Provisional entry list

The supplementary regulations can be downloaded. Do not send in a paper entry.

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