Championship Points

The main aim of the one sport championships is to encourage members to compete in motor sport and to promote the club.  That is why we ask you to compete with a championship sticker on your car, except road rallies.

Remember you should enter under the Owen MC name if possible.

You need to claim your points within 28 days

  • send in a copy of the event regulations  so that the eligibility of the event can be verified.  Other closed to club events don’t count.  If Owen is invited then you must enter under Owen MC.
  • state your position in class and how many started in that class, supported by sending in the results.  Send the entry list if this shows more starters than the results do as this can give you more points.

Championship points this year

In addition send one photo of your car taken sometime during the  year showing the current championship stickers, or club sticker for road rallies. If you compete in more than one car then we need a photo of each car showing the current sticker.

  • Don’t forget to claim your points for non Owen events.
  • Applies to registered One Sport championship contenders. Non registered members get their points from Owen only events only and they are added to the championship tables without having to claim.
  • If you don’t want to use the online system for claims you need to post all the required details to Melvyn Cox, 47 Stream Road, Kingswinford, DY6 9PD or scan it all and email to Melvyn at .