Championship Rules

The championships run from 1st January to 31st December in any one year and are open to all fully paid-up members of Owen Motoring Club Ltd. (OMC) for the year. The championships shall consist of two parts, the “Clubman’s” and the “One Sport Championships”

The Clubman’s Championship

As a fully paid up member of OMC you automatically qualify for the Clubman`s Championships and their associated trophies.

Clubman’s Awards

“The Clubman’s Trophy” – awarded to the member with the best performance on all events organised by OMC during any one year. Points will be awarded as per Rule No.7 + 8. A winner of any one sport championship cannot qualify for this award.

“The Mikes Sones Trophy”: (Best Newcomer) This trophy will be presented to the best newcomer in a particular discipline that they have not previously contested, regardless of previous results in other disciplines. The award to be decided by the Committee.

The One Sport Championships

There will be an entry fee of £5 for the “One Sport Championships” in addition to the annual club subscription. The one sport categories are as follows:

1. Road Rally Driver
2. Road Rally Navigator
3. Stage Rally Driver
4. Stage Rally Co Driver
5. Sprint – (Sprint, Hill Climb)
6. Circuit Racing
7. Trial – (Production, Sporting, Classic)
8. Autotest – (Auto Test, Production Car Autotest (PCA), Auto Solo)

All Rounders Events entered by members in any of the one sport categories, (1-8 above), will qualify for the President’s Trophy and Chris Shorrocks trophy. Points for the All Rounders will be awarded as per Rule No.7 + 8. Rallies, Road or Stage will only count towards The President’s Trophy.

President’s Trophy: (Driver of the Year) – For Drivers only, so excludes category 2 and 4 above. Scores from at least three branches of motor sport, (Driving only) will count towards this award; no more than three scores from any discipline will count.

Chris Shorrocks Trophy: (Off Road Driver of the Year) Scores from at least two off road branches of motor sport (excluding rallies, categories 1 to 4 above) will count towards this award, no more than four scores from any one branch will count.

Revised December 2022

Eligibility, Qualifying and Scoring Rules for One Sport championships

1 – Championship points may be obtained from any competition event run in accordance with the MSA or FIA regulations,

2 – Eligible types of event are:

  • Road Rally, 12 car road rally, Enduro, (Driver & Navigator / Co Driver)
  • Stage Rally, (Driver & Co Driver) Note: Rally Sprint Events, forest or tarmac, not utilising a Co-driver will not count in this category, they will go into “Sprint” etc. section.
  • Sprint, Hill Climb, Circuit Race, Rally Sprint.
  • Production Trial, Sporting Trial, Classic Trial.
  • Auto Test, Auto Solo, Production Car Autotest

3 – A member will qualify for points by competing and finishing any events as defined in Rule 2 but must have entered under OMC whenever possible. e.g. If OMC has been invited or invited as an association member. OMC are affiliated to AWMMC and AEMMC. If OMC has not been invited and you have to compete under another club, points can still be claimed. OMC should in this case be used as “Entrant” if possible.

4 – To qualify for points, competing cars must carry at least one official “OMC championship contender” sticker for the year concerned. This rule applies to “One sport” championships only. Note: If you are competing in road rallies and have problems with “advertising rules” a club badge / sticker will be acceptable. (The championship co-ordinator will supply rally style plates when he has been advised of your participation)

5 – Competitors are responsible for supplying the championship scores compiler with ALL the necessary information to substantiate your claim.

Requirements are:

Regulations, Entry List and Final results. The results sheets must show clearly the class entered your class finishing position, the number of starters in your class and your o/all finishing position. (Regulations are required to verify that the event you have entered is eligible according to Rule1 & 3.)

In addition, a photograph of each car competed in during the year must be sent to the championship compiler showing the current year sticker affixed to the car. If you only use one car then one photo will suffice. This is best done near the beginning of the season.

5.1 A stamped addressed envelope is required if you wish your submitted results / documents to be returned.

5.2 Competitors must claim points within four weeks, (28 days), of any event – NO EXCEPTIONS – unless the competitor proves that the results were not available to submit within this period. (This is a very unlikely situation). The 28 day time limit does not apply towards the end of December. The final date for claiming points at the end of the year will be the 7th of January in the following year.

5.3 Points for OMC events will be scored automatically without supply of any claims. 5.4 The Championship scores compiler is Melvyn Cox

5.5 – Sending Results Online – visit club website and find championships page. Complete form on OMC web page and submit. (This is the preferred and most reliable option). Results by post to: Melvyn Cox, 47 Stream Road, Kingswinford, DY6 9PD Results by E Mail:

5.6 The Championship scores compiler will endeavour to confirm receipt of claims by E Mail, please note it is the competitors’ responsibility to ensure that their results have been received for inclusion within the eligible 28-day period.

6 The maximum number of scores to count to any one sport championship will be seven. 6.1 Competitors can put more than seven scores forward but only the best seven will count. 6.2 If a competitor has not finished seven events then all scores submitted will count.

6.3 – For any “One sport championship” for awards, if available, to be presented, the minimum number of contenders in each category will be one. The minimum number of events to qualify for any “One Sport Championship” award will be three. If in the event of a points winner having less than 3 events completed the committee of Owen Motoring Club reserve the right to present an award. See 13 below.

6.4 A one sport championship contender may marshal or officiate or organise an OMC event during the year and count 10 points towards a championship. The 10 points are not the same as those for the marshalling championship. This can only be done once. It is the responsibility of the contender to register this claim with the points compiler and nominate which one sport championship the points should be allocated to. This is to be done within 28 days of marshalling etc. These points will count in the best seven, see 6.1 and 6.2 above. (Example – a competitor has claimed points for 2 trials in total. That person has marshalled on an OMC autotest and claims 10 points against their trials scores. They now have 3 events against trials so qualify for an award, subject to other competitors total scores).

7 – Points will be awarded relevant to the position that the competitor finishes in class.
8 – In all championship categories the following formula will be used to calculate a claimant’s points:

  • Maximum points available per event = 20
  • Points scored = 20 divided by (number in class + 1) x (number in class) – (class position -1) Where a member drives more than one car in any event, only the best class performance will count towards any championship category.

9 – Any championship contender “Clubman” or “One Sport” must be a fully paid up member of OMC for any points to be to be counted towards any championship. No claims will be considered under any circumstances, for events entered prior to annual subscription payment or registration for “one sport” championship.

10 All championship trophies and money awards, if available, will be presented at the annual awards evening (Location and date is always advertised in the club magazine “REVS”) the presentation evening usually takes place in February/March. If any championship contestant finishing First, Second or Third in their respective categories cannot attend the awards presentation, the respective trophy for their category will still be awarded but no money prize if available.

11 All Championship & Club trophies presented in February are retained by their respective winners through to December of the same year. Then they must be returned to the OMC trophies officer, in a clean condition. A request for their return will be made in the December issue of the club magazine “REVS”.

12 – Tie deciders for all championships: In the event of two or more competitors have equal points at the end of the year; the award will go to the contestant who has attained the most points from competing, so taking away any marshalling points. If a tie still exists then the greatest number of class wins during the year, then the greatest number of second places will be taken into consideration, then third etc.

13 The OMC general committee reserve the right to amend any of the rules should circumstance deem it necessary. Any championship disputes will also be resolved by the same committee.

Marshals Championships

The H. J Donaldson Marshals Trophy Will be awarded yearly at the discretion of the Chief Marshal of OMC at that time. The award is for continued services to event marshalling.

The Tony Matthews Cars Cup Will be awarded to the marshal (or event official) who has amassed the most points in accordance with the following points scale.

See below for event/points table and championship coordinator contact details.
See Page 6 for a complete list of OMC club championships/awards and relevant trophies.

14 – Marshalling Points allocation.
OMC Events
  • AGBO Rally – 30
  • AGBO Set up day – 10 Club Road Rallies – 20
  • Bright Sparks, Slithering Santa, Happy Landings Auto Tests – 20
  • Ernest Owen Trial – 30
  • Graham Hill Sprint – 30
Non OMC Events
  • Road Rally – 15
  • Stage Rally UK or EU – 15
  • Sprint, PCT, Auto Test / Solo, Trial – 15

For Marshals to claim event attendance points counting towards “The Tony Matthews Cars Cup” Send claims to: Melvyn Cox, 47 Stream Road, Kingswinford, DY6 9PD or email

Revised December 2022