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Club Rule Book

1. The Club will be called “Owen Motoring Club Limited” and will have for its object the encouragement and protection of motoring interests in the district.

2. The Club will meet at a suitable local venue, selected by OMC Committee. 

3. The Club will be affiliated to the Royal Automobile Club Motor Sports Association Limited.

4. The Club will from time to time organise rallies, driving tests, sprints, auto crosses, hill climbs, production car trials, show attendance, a classic car tour and such other competitive events that the committee consider suitable.

5. The Club will from time to time organise social functions such as works visits, dances, tabletop rallies, quiz nights and other such functions that the committee may authorise.

6. The Club will conduct its affairs free of any outside interests.

7. The Club will be governed by committee. The committee will consist of not less than four and not more than twelve members exclusive of the President, Secretary and Treasurer and excluding co- opted members.

8. The Committee will consist of the President, Chairman, Vice Chairman,  General Secretary, Treasurer, Competition Secretary, Social Secretary and such other officers and ordinary members as will be thought necessary. Vice Presidents will not form part of the committee but may attend committee meetings. Five members (other than Vice President) will form a quorum for a committee meeting.

9. The comittee will be elected by the club in General Meeting each year. Nominations for committee posts will be received by the Geneal Secretary at least five days prior to date of the meeting. Elected members will serve in office for one year and may be re-elected with the exception of the General Secretary and Treasurer who will remain in office for three years before re-election.The General Secretary and Treasurer will be approved by the  Rubery Owen Group of Companies. The President and Vice Presidents remain in Office for as long as they are willing. No business will be transacted at any General Meeting (AGM) unless a quorum of the members (10 minimum) be present at the commencement of any such meeting. If within half an hour of the time appointed for the meeting a quorum is not present, the meeting, shall be adjourned to the same day and hour in the following week. If a quorum is still not present, business may then be transacted whatever be the number of members present.

9A. The chairman elected at the first committee meeting following the AGM can only be re elected for a maximum of three consecutive years, providing he/she are re elected to the committee at each AGM.

9B. All committee members are deemed to be directors and will be registered as such, if they so wish, so long as they have been a member of the general committee of the Owen Motoring Club for at least three years. These years need not be consecutive.

10. The Club in general meeting will elect the General Secretary and Treasurer for a term of three years as such. All other members will be elected as committee members for a term of one year.

11. No person shall be eligible for nomination or election to the committee until he/she has been a fully elected member of the Club for at least 12 months.

12. The Committee will have the power to co-opt members at any time during the term.

13. At the first general committee meeting after the Annual General Meeting the assembled committee will elect from their number selective responsibilities for each member, assuming these responsibilities be suitable and acceptable to the person requested. Posts of General Secretary and Treasurer will not be considered at the time.

14. The Annual General Meeting will be held at a place appointed by the committee during October.

15. Special General Meetings may be called at the discretion of the committee or on the receipt by the Secretary of a requisition signed by not less than fifteen members. Any such meeting will be held within forty-two days of the receipt of such requisition, and not less than fourteen day’s notice will be given of such meeting. Fourteen days notice including an agenda will be given in writing to all members of any General Meeting.

16. No business will be transacted at a General Meeting other than such items as appear on the agenda previously circulated. Any member desiring to submit a motion at an Annual General Meeting shall give notice of such motion in writing to the Secretary not less than ten days prior to the Annual  General Meeting taking place. Such motion must be supported in writing by at least ten members. Ten members present shall form a quorum.

17. The financial year of the club shall be 1st April–31st March.

18. The committee will, at its earliest convienence  after March 31st, present an audited balance sheet and income and expenditure account for the previous year. Such accounts will be audited by an auditor nominated by the club in Annual General Meeting.

19. The committee, at the Annual General Meeting present such reports as are necessary to account for its Stewardship.

20. Membership fees will be payable by all members at the rates agreed by the general committee.Initial subscription shall be paid immediately upon application for membership. Any new member joining the club on or after the 1st October in any year will be entitled to the full benefits of membership untill December 31st in the following year without further payment. Renewal subscriptions are due on January 1st each year. Where a subscription remains unpaid after January 31st of any year, membership will be presumed to have lapsed.

21. In the event of any member being charged with conduct that in the opinion of the committee would render it desirable that he/she should cease to be a member of the club, the member will be invited to attend a committee meeting which will enquire whether a cause of expulsion has arisen or not. If after enquiry, the committee find he/she to be guilty of such conduct he/she may be cautioned, suspended or required to resign his/her membership or may be expelled.The decision of the Committee in the said matter may be published in such manner as they think fit. No member will be expelled or suspended except by a resolution supported by at least a minimum of six members of the committee present at any hearing. The duration of the suspension to be decided by the Committee. Any unanimous vote taken by the committee re suspension/expulsion of a member will not be contestable.

22. The Club welcomes visitors free of charge to all meetings except Annual or Special General Meetings; The committee reserves the right to refuse admittance to any visitor who in their opinion is undersirable.

23. The committee is empowered to fix any entrance fees at a level it thinks fit for any function or event that it may organise.

24. The committee is empowered to make such payments as necessary to carry on the running and objective of the Club, all payments shall be authorised by the committee and are payable via the Club Treasurer.

25. The committee will operate a banking account with any high street bank agreed by the directors, and is empowered to give such a mandate as will be required providing always that all cheques or other documents as necessary are to be signed by any two of three designated directors.

26. The Treasurer is empowered if appropriate to invest any surplus funds of the Club as the Committee shall direct and approve.

27. Every duly elected member binds him/herself to abide by the Rules and Regulations of the Club All members will be furnished with a copy of the Club Rules upon joining OMC.These Rules shall not be amended other than by Club in General Meeting and then only by a majority vote consisting of not less than two thirds of those present with vote entitlement.

28. In the case of any member wishing to resign he/she shall give notice in writing to the Secretary of the club on or before the 31st day of December in any year and his/her resignation shall be effective from the date of delivery to the Secretary.

29. The Officers, members of the committee, sub committees and the Secretary of the Club and any Agents for the time being acting in relation to any of the affairs of the Club and their respective executors or administrators, will be indemnified and secured harmless out of the assests of the Club from and against all actions, costs, charges, losses, damages, and expenses which they or any of them, their or any of their executors or administrators, will or may incur or sustain by reason of any act done, concurred in or omitted in or about the execution of their duty or supposed duty in their respective offices or trusts. 

Except such (if any) as they will incur or sustain through their own willful neglect or default respectively, and none of them will be answerable for the acts, receipts, neglects or defaults of any other of them, or for joining in any receipt for the sake of conformity, or for any Bankers or other persons with whom any monies or effects of the club will be lodged or deposited for safe custody, or for the insufficiency or deficiency of any security upon which any monies of the Club will be placed out or invested, or for any other loss, misfortune or damage which may happen in the execution of their respective offices or trust, or in relation thereto.

In all matters in anyways affecting the Club its management, officers, members, administration and all other matters containind or referred to in the foregoing, the Rules of the Owen Motoring Club Limited will, so far as they are not inconsistent with the foregoing be applied.

Re printed. June 2023

Revised 2014 rule changes in red.rule 9B added

Revised November 2014 Rule 9B passed at EGM 7/11/14

Revised October 2018 AGM, Reprint & word change Rule 2,14,22. 

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