Motorsport Event Marshalling

Marshals are an essential part of any club’s motorsport and without them there would be no motorsport.

These unpaid volunteers undertake the job usually because they want to be involved in motorsport and like getting closer to the action but do not, or can’t afford to, compete in motorsport.

There are lots of various on and off-track marshalling possibilities at Owen events.

Examples are Safety, where you could be looking after a spectator stage crossing on our AGBO stage rally.  Timing, which involves using a stopwatch/app to time an autosolo/autotest competitor. Cones/marker posts, where you could be looking after a grassy hill section and noting how far up it a competitor has got or simply making sure that cones are returned to their original location if knocked out of position during a test by an enthusiastic competitor. 

Marshalling provides a good insight into what goes on behind the scenes.

It also gives a good introduction to various types of motorsport and which car might be suitable for your intended sport.

Motorsport Event Marshalling

Many competitors volunteer as a marshal and see it as a way of putting something back into the sport.

Anyone in decent health can marshal, no specialist training is needed.

We will usually pair you with an experienced marshal for your first event to help build up your confidence.

OMC will provide you with an orange tabard and usually a food voucher depending what event you are at. Another incentive is that at the end of the year we have an awards dinner, where amongst all the other silverware is a marshal’s award for the greatest number of events attended in that year.

MSUK’s ‘getting started’ and ‘online training and accreditation’ links can be accessed by clicking the links at the bottom of this page. Its purpose is to ensure that all marshals have a common understanding of their roles and responsibilities, the management of spectators and how to handle an incident. There are three modules: Roles & Responsibilities of the Marshal; Spectator Management; and Incident Management. 

You can see the events list for up and coming events and please contact our chief marshal, Dean Forest (his details are on the Club Personnel page), if you are interested in joining our very sociable marshalling team or just require further information.