The success of any rally is the number and quality of the marshals.  Marshals are vital for the smooth, and safe running of the rally.

​We need plenty of marshals whom we can rely on to the job.  Of course we need experienced marshals in all area but there is also room for less experienced marshals to help.

​We would expect most marshals to be MSA recognised marshals but if you don’t have a marshals licence don’t worry you can still marshal but you’ll be paired up with an experienced marshal.

​Use this link to go to the Motorsport UK website to find more on rally marshalling. Click here. There is no cost to doing the basic online training or registering to be a stage rally marshal.

Being a marshal on a stage rally is mainly to do with safety of spectators, marshals and competitors. We have to make sure that spectators are safe and they stay in the designated spectator areas. 

​There are plenty of training materials for new marshals to look at.  It’s even good for more experienced marshals to see to refresh their knowledge.  See the links else were on this page for training materials.

​If you wish to marshal on the AGBO we would like you to let us know that you want to do so.  You can register your interest to marshal on the AGBO Stages Rally by completing the form below.  Your info will go to our chief marshal, David Allman, and he will contact you in due course.

Use the form below to register your interest in marshaling/ volunteering on the AGBO Stages Rallies