AGBO Spectator Information

Spectating on stage rallies can be great fun and it brings you close to the action. Spectators must, however, make sure that they stay safe.

Spectators will find lots of advice on how they can stay safe and act responsibly while at a stage rally. We’ve tried to provide some of this advice below.

Be Alert

  • Make sure you know what’s going on around you.
  • Do you know what that approaching car is doing?
  • How do you know, if you’ve got your back turned towards the approaching cars? Don’t sit with your back against the barriers.
  • Do you know what your young children are doing?
  • Are they about to run under the tape?

Always expect the unexpected

Even though you are in one of the designated spectator areas you never know if a car is going to go off on the grass and slide much further than anyone could expect.  Will a stone get kicked up and fly much further than you think.

Stay in the designated spectator areas

We’ve placed these in the best areas to view the cars and with our experience are in areas of lower risk.  Don’t go off else where in the park.  You’ll only be asked to return at the end of the stage.  If you put yourself in a dangerous position then we’ll have to stop the stage until you are safe.  The competing crews won’t thank you for that!

Remember that in an accident anything can happen

Did you view the video.  If a car rolls it is completely out of control and can go further than anyone could think.

Always follow the instructions of the marshals

The marshals are there for your safety.  Even though we design the spectator areas to be safe if the marshals think that things are becoming risky they will ask you to move.  Please do so for your own safety.  Don’t go onto the stage if there is an incident.  Go back if the marshals tell you to do so.  Don’t cross at the crossing points while the stage is in action.  The marshals will stop you for your own safety