Owen Motoring Club – Rally History

Now published and for sale, “Owen Motoring Club Rally History. A culmination of six years research to dig out the history of many of the rallies organised by Owen Motoring Club. Due to some known events having no history available, this publication is not a results bible. Events covered from 1960 through to the years at Weston Park. The focus being on the club’s road rallies including all ten Motoring News events. Seventy five pages of history plus many pictures in black and white and in colour, some of which are believed to be never published before. Written as a tribute by Anton Bird, a club member since 1975, for Owen Motoring Club`s 60th anniversary year. The club formerly known as “The Owen Organisation Motoring Club”, OOMC, was formed in December 1959 by “Rubery Owen & Co.” employees.

Copies of the book are available through the author at £12.50 per copy. Payment by cash or cheque payable to Owen Motoring Club Ltd. 

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To order your copy please contact Anton Bird by email, antonbird@talktalk.net

As a result of the research that went into this project the club now have a Rallies Archive, which is kept by the author of this publication. Donations of any Owen Motoring Club rally information or documents of any description for inclusion would be appreciated.