Land & Estate Maintenance AGBO STAGES RALLY 2024

For those wanting to get the date in their calendar early, marshal and radio registration is now open via the Volunteers link.

Spectator ‘early bird’ tickets are now available along with details of ticket prices closer to the event.

Thank you for all your entries, we now have a full list along with 31 reserves.

Oliver Davies our Sponsor

For the 2024 event we have reverted the event back to it’s original name of the “Land & Estate Maintenance AGBO Stages”. We will again take a maximum of 80 entries, with 4wd vehicles again being accepted, provided they are not current or former R5, Rally2, WRC class cars, or have a sequential gearbox. All ticket sales will once again be handled through Weston Park.

We welcome two championships for 2024, the AWMMC Heart of England Stage Rally Championship and the HRCR Mini Sport Cup.