AGBO Stages Rally - Owen Motoring Club

Land & Estate Maintenance AGBO Stages Rally

Our annual stage rally will be held at Weston Park on Sunday 17th March.

Thank you for all your entries, we now have a full list along with 31 reserves.

Marshals & Radio Crews, registration is now open.

Owing to the ground conditions at Weston Park, they have advised that they sadly need to stop selling further spectator tickets.

At this time, the predicted number of vehicles are at the limit of what the park advise can be safely managed.

A review of the ground conditions nearer to the event will be conducted, where the decision may be made to reopen ticket sales.

The AGBO 2024 will once again be sponsored by “Land & Estate Maintenance”.

For details of our club’s excellent value for money ‘Rally History’ book (including the AGBO) and how to purchase a copy, please click the following button